Friday, 24 March 2017

Hello there!!

So happy to be part of Lori Anderson's bead soup (hoarders addition) blog hop!!! Since time is short and there is much hopping to do I will keep this post short.

I was paired up with the lovely Rebecca Ednie. She sent me a beautiful assortment of beads to choose from. She also sent me the sweetest handmade card! I knew right away what  was wanting to work with.  The stone focal she sent me was a bead that was larger than she uses so she would just end up staring lovingly at it! I kind of got a kick out of that, as us bead hoarders can all relate I`m sure!! 

What I recieved

I knew I wanted to make a bracelet (because I love bracelets) and I wanted that to be the focal! I also wanted to include some of the soft green gemstones Rebecca sent me! 
Here is the bracelet I came up with.

Also, I would like to share with you the hoarded bead I sent Rebecca.  I sent her a hearts and roses theme since they were mailed out on Valentines day.  My very special hoarded bead was a beautiful detailed heart and rose pendant made by artist Monique Uquhart (Half Baked Notion). She makes amazing polymer clay beads!! I have another one of her beads that I am still happily hoarding!!  I also sent Rebecca a czech glass button and some ceramic beads and headpins that I made.

Check out what Rebecca made with what I sent her! Rebecca Ednie

Thanks so much for stopping by!! - Happy Hopping!!
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