Thursday, 29 September 2016

Charm Swap 2017

Hello there!! Here is my post for Jen Cameron's charity charm swap!! This year's theme is Fairy Tales.  I always love to participate in this event!! It's great fun, and raises money for Beads of Courage!! Thank you once again Jen for all the work involved in making this happen!!

Want to know how fantastic Beads of Courage is, and what its all about? Click here:

I have two different charms that I made and need to mention here.
Before I do I just want to say that the "fairy tale" theme has been a learning experience for me.  I inadvertently may have gone more toward the fable direction with my theme, but I'm hoping all will be forgiven!!  I read some information that lead me to believe stories with talking animal were fairy tales.  I now know differently (I think?) - but hey - no going back!!

My first charm is inspired by the ever popular story of the tortoise and the hair.  I have always loved this story.  As a child I could relate more with the tortoise.  I seemed to take longer than others to acomplish tasks!! I found comfort in this story, knowing that speed was not everything, and slow and steady had its benefits!!  Now however, as an adult, sometimes I am racing through things wishing I would just slow down!! 

It is a double sided ceramic charm that I hand painted. It also includes a black and white beaded dangle that represents the racing flag.

The second charm is about a favourite children's book from when I was a child. The dream Tree by Stephan Cosgrove.  It's a great story about an ever curious caterpillar that wonders what life will be like as a butterfly!! She keeps asking the question - only to be told, "someday you'll know".  I could always relate to Pattie the caterpillar because I was always so curious too!! Still am in fact!!  If anyone out there has actually read or heard of this book - please tell me so in a comment!! I would love to know that someone else, somewhere, has also read this story!  I purchased a Kindle version  recently to read to my girls now!! 

This Charm is a double sided ceramic charm that was hand painted by me. It also includes a little woolywire cacoon. One of you will have gotten a cacoon made out of wire - that was when I ran out of woolywire and decided to try and make a cacoon out of wire!  Here is a pic of it in the stage of me painting on the surface.


Shortly I will post the details of when the auction will be held, and the link to it.  100% of bead sales go to Beads of Courage! There is no better reason to buy some art charms!!

Thank you for stopping by!! Below is a list of links to other participants!!  I had so much fun going through all the goodies I received!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

AJE September Challenge (TREES)

I am jumping in on this challenge at the very last minute!!

These beads are fresh out of the kiln this morning!!  As I photograph them they are still warm!! 

I really wanted to be able to be a part of this challange because I am forever in awe of trees!!   One of my very favourite places to think - is in a hammock in my yard that hangs between two trees. The upward view is all branches.  I can lay there studying those branches forever!  It's a happy place for me!!

The season here in Canada is fall and these particular beads are inspired by beautiful coloured trees of fall!  The pendants are made from porcelain, textured and hand painted by me.  Thank you for stopping by!!  Here are all the others that are included in the challange. 

AJE Team

Jennifer Stout Cameron

Lesley Watt

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Laney Mead

Niky Sayers

Cooky Schock

Cathy Spivey Mendola

Caroline Dewison


Brooke Bock

Karin Grosset Grange

Merja Sundström

Cindy Martin Shaw

Allison L Norfleet Bruenger

Melissa Trudinger
Kathy Lindemer

Gloria Allen

Shai Williams

Tammy Adams

Mona Arnott

Terri Del Signore