Monday, 29 June 2015

AJE Fitefly blog hop

When I read Jen Cameron's (from AJE) post about fireflies, I totally wanted to jump on board!!
 For a few reasons.  Like Jen, I too assumed fireflies were everywhere, until I moved to areas that did not have any! I really have missed those majestic insects!!  I was excited to join in this blog hop!  Plus the top rule was to have fun!  This was my kind of rule!

I wanted to come up with a ceramic pendant centered around my childhood memory.  As a child, we would find fireflies so fascinating that our curiosity would have us trap them in jars and stare at them in awe. Trying to understand how a tiny bug could shine so bright!  We would always let them free of course - because this insect had gained much more respect than most other insect species!! Especially the mosquito!!
"those summer nights"

I made my little firefly filled glass jar with stoneware clay, painted it with underglaze, then glazed it with clear glaze, and gave it a large wire loop to mimic a jar handle.  I decided to continue on and turn my pendant into a necklace.  A jar of flies is a bit different to use as a jewelry component, but I like different!  So my theme centered around summer nights.  Within this necklace are some glass beads, a brass bead, and a paper bead that all represent various patio lanterns.  You will also see the little night owl:) I scored the batik ribbon from a destash of Mary Delray-I just love this stuff and suppose it could represent a summer dress. I wore this necklace while camping and it was a perfect fit!
Thanks Jen and AJE - I did have fun!!

Check out the others who joined the blog hop!  Thanks for having a peek!

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