Friday, 13 December 2013

Frozen Moment

The perfect moment

I won an opportunity to participate in a type of contest put on by Lorelei Eurto and Sara Lukkonen of C Koop Beads.  The C Koop Beads Book challenge.  Superior Beads of Duluth will be choosing a winner. Myself and 10 others get the opportunity to play around and come up with a piece of jewelry with wonderful component we received on the mail. The book component was developed by Sara Lukkonen and was done in various colours. The very reason I signed up for a chance to play was because I fell in love with the component!  I also love the idea behind the challenge, to support your local bead store!

Here is what I received:

Here is what I have to do with the piece:
Make a piece of jewelry 
Tell the story behind it
Use at least three components from my local bead store

This is what I created:

The Story:
I call this piece "frozen moment".  I know I'm not the only one to experience this.  You know those moments that are so perfect, that for a very short moment, time just seems to freeze, allowing you stop long enough to take in all of the really good stuff (for the purpose of storing it as a memory)?  I created this piece as a reminder of what one of those moments looks like for me.  This frozen moment is where I am completely surrounded by nature.  The only noise is that of nature.  Hearing sounds of water, be it the ocean, a river, maybe even a stream.  A perfect day, sun shining with a soft breeze.  Sheltered and shaded under a tree.  And as great as all that is, how much better is it with a great book in your hands to get lost into, maybe even a sketchbook!

The necklace is made using what I consider reminders of nature.  For example, unglazed clay beads represent earth.  An African trade bead painted with flowers (I have a serious obsession with African trade beads!)  Beads from bone, as well as leather lace.  The small double holed seed beads remind me of small pebbles in a stream. The aqua blue leather cording represents water.  The shell is very special, reminding me of the ocean that I so deeply miss!  I gave the book some pages by putting in some handmade paper (another hobby of mine).

My Local bead store


Even though my local bead store is a two hour drive, it is sure worthy of the trip!  Metal Designz in Saskatoon is a packed full of wonderful goodies for the jewelry maker!  The owners Shelly and Joe, are wonderful people too! If customers start requesting things, they go to great effort to carry those items!! I can even get equipment like flex shafts and rolling mills there (both of which are on my "want" list, but I am waiting on a shipment to come in so I can purchase a tumbler there!) For this piece the components I used from my local store (as mentioned above) are; the wire, the leather cord, jump rings (did I mention the owners are HUDGE into chain maille and jump rings are their speciality!), and the double holed seed beads I used.
Yay for local bead shops!!!

Thanks to Lorelei and Sara of C Koop Beads for this opportunity!


  1. Love the idea behind this necklace, and all the different types of beads you used- just wonderful!

  2. Simply lovely... I really love the colors that you used, and the story behind the necklace. And you used handmade paper--so cool! :)

  3. That is a beautiful sentiment; we all would love to make those moments last, Terri... and that necklace is full of so many goodies. Really gorgeous!

    *I somehow missed your post on this hop because I hadn't yet been able to follow you (but I have now fixed that).*

    I have ordered from Metal Designz several times, for niobium wire and jump rings. They have the best prices and I love all the colours. The purple metal rings I used in my Art Charm Swap design was actually specially ordered from them, so it traveled all the way to New Brunswick and back to you :) Funny coincidence!

    Have a wonderful Christmas filled with many Blessings!