Monday, 4 November 2013

Create Without Guilt!

Fact: I feel guilty spending time in my studio when I have loads of never ending family "stuff" piling up and not to mention quality time with my family! The "why" I feel this way may just have to be another post (if I ever really get to the bottom of it)!
One thing I am loving, is when the two worlds collide and I get to spend creative time with my family. I stumbled upon this idea when I was disparate for creative time but family was taking every minute of my time (ie my youngest child with separation anxiety). I am able to fill my need to be creative and get to fulfil my desire to be the the best mom by creating with my kids!!
So here is one that I LOVE doing with my girls! A little set I bought called Stamp Art. So fun! You get all these little stamps in various shapes and the book gives you ideas on how to collaborate all the little shapes together to get a picture and then you even get to colour it in!!
A frog my daughter created from the images that came in the book. I'm loving this idea because it is simple enough for small people and the possibilities are endless!!
Since then I have discovered many ways to achieve guilt free creative time. Well....maybe a little "guilt" when it comes time to eat;)
Kids and torches don't mix so well so I'm also trying to figure out how to get some "mom only" creative time too!!

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