Thursday, 4 October 2012

The art of canning

Not great photos I know, and the display, not so glorious.  I guess practicality is key here, as the not so nice, crappy lighting basement is the only place where there is room to store my canned goods.  I still love to go down there and look at all the colourful jars filled with organic produce from my garden.  To me this is a beautiful thing, a labour of love!  This is the art that has kept me busy these last few weeks as I harvest my garden.  I do get so much pleasure from it!  There was an elderly women behind me in the store where I got my canning jars and when she saw me buying them she asked if I liked canning and she seemed shocked to hear me say I love it.  I could tell that just seeing my canning jars was causing her to cringe.  She went on to tell me she would can hundreds of jars every fall because she HAD to, she had five boys to feed.  There is a big difference between doing something because you have to and doing something because you love it.  Well I get such pleasure filling these bottles with homemade goodness - I may be a bit obsessed with it!  When you eat homemade salsa - you cannot go back to store bought ever again!

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