Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Humble beginings

Well everyone has to start begin somewhere and my journey begins here, with blogging that is.   I know blogging is by no means a new thing but for me it is a whole new world.  I have never really gotten into the blogging thing until very recently I started out on Barbara Lewis's blog about painting with fire.  Really great blog by the way.  Started following it and it has lead me too so many wonderful places where there are fantastic communities of like-minded folks.  I just cant believe I have never jumped on board long ago.  I guess I am an all or nothing kind of girl - the same reason I have never entered into facebook - I knew that once I would enter I cold get hooked and then have to devote time I just don't have!  Well here I am hooked to blogging, so hooked in fact, I want one of my own.  So here it begins......

Where it goes
                        I do not know

But I think I shall enjoy the process!
I will blog about the art in and around my life, projects I am working on, things that inspire me, and all art related topics. 
I am learning as I go with the technical details related blogging.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Terri! I came to learn more about you so I can talk a little more about your style and process when I present your very cool charm I received in the Art Charm Swap! I hope you'll blog often and tell us more about your art and your style!